Just Ferry
"Take only memories, leave only footprints"
Behind your computer screen there is a team that loves travelling more than anything! Ours is a short and simple story. Whether it was road trips, business trips or holidays we always had the same problem! We spent hours on end gathering information on the destination, the travelling costs, comparing prices and deciding the itineraries. So much time spent online and on the phone to answer simple questions. So, one day we were talking about how we have managed to land on the moon but have failed to gather all the essential information in one place. How easy and simple would it be to merely type the name of a destination and have all the information we need in just a few clicks? That was our dream and it came true with Just Ferry! To share our love for travel, to take away the stress of organizing the trip because it is a joy to travel, it is beautiful moments and memories throughout our lives, not just seen in photos, but in our minds! We are here to facilitate each trip, each route, to answer questions, find solutions and suggest alternatives with smiles on our faces. You only have to do one thing! Pack your bags and be at the port on time!