Anafi is a piece of Paradise ready to welcome every traveler that wants to get lost in the magic and the tranquility of the place. It is an untouched natural landscape with crystal-clear waters.

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The island has kept its name since antiquity and mythological times and, as a result there is a certain interest to it throughout the centuries. According to the myth, the island emerged, “ανεφάνη” (anefani) in Greek, from the sea to offer refuge to the Argonauts after their shipwreck in the Aegean.

It is the island of the bohemians and the nature lovers that seek refuge in the Anafi “unprofitable route”. Its wild beauty on both sea and shore is a magical thing. In the far eastern edge of the island there is the magnificent Vrachos (Rock), a limestone monolith whose highest peak is called Kalamos. Vrachos is considered to be the second biggest monolith in the Mediterranean, second only to Gibraltar, and the most impressive sight of the island. The peak can be accessed through a path and you can enjoy the most wonderful sunrise.

The sole organized village in Anafi is the Chora, which maintains its traditional nature and if you are lucky, you might find yourselves in one of the fairs that the locals organize on holidays. The island has nothing to be jealous about in terms of nightlife, since you can have fun till dawn in the small bars of the Chora.

Klisidi, Katsouni, Flamourou, and Roukounas are some of the most popular beaches of the island where you can enjoy swimming. Our own favorite is Monastiri, a big beach with both sand and fine pebble.

Tip: Hiking to Palia Panagia Kalamiotissa, taste the thyme honey and oregano.

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Useful Telephone Numbers for Anafi Island:

Port Authority Anafi: +30 22860 61220
Municipality of Anafi: +30 22860 61266
Police Anafi: +30 22860 61216
Regional Clinic Anafi: +30 22860 61215
Local municipality bus: +30 22860 61266
KEP Anafis: +30 22860 61390