No matter how many times you visit Chania you’ll feel as excited as at first!

Its rich history and the culture of the town, its natural beauty, the warmhearted people and the delicious cuisine will always make you look forward to your revisiting the island every time.
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Let us start with its beautiful beaches:

  • Falasarna: Here you will find both the small the big shore as well as the pool-like waters that will leave you speechless. 
  • Balos: There is a lagoon here with deep-blue immaculate waters. A landscape beyond description and unlike any other you have ever seen before. 
  • Elafonisi: Pink sandy shore and turquoise waters are waiting for you at this piece of earthly paradise. 
  • Kedrodasos: White sand, crystal waters and a view of the Libyan Sea. Another beach in Crete that is included in the Natura 2000 network. 
  • Loutro: You will get on this tiny little island with its pristine blue waters after you walk around Sfakia and then you will get to the other side by boat. 
  • Seitan Limania: You must have seen it in countless photos. This characteristic little beach surrounded by enormous rocks and deep-blue waters.

It does not matter how many beaches you will see in Chania, because they are all unique. We only gave you the Top 6! But before setting off for one of your excursions ask the locals about the direction of the wind to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

Next, we go for a walk at the Venetian port! You can stroll around here, take hundreds of photos and enjoy your food and drink at the restaurants and bars you will find there. The landmark of the port is the Egyptian lighthouse! Right opposite it you’ll see the Firka fortress that is certainly worth a visit. The Chania Nautical Museum is also right there. 

Add a visit to the following to your list:

  • Folk Art Museum
  • Public Gallery
  • Chania Metropolitan Church
  • Archeological Museum
  • Eleftherios Venizelos’ house-museum
  • Printing Museum (The only one in Greece)

In the Old Town you will spend quite some time discovering this small maze that takes you back in time. 

If you are a nature lover, get ready to cross the Samaria Canyon! A relatively tough, yet magical itinerary with landscapes you will remember for the rest of your life!

Here is a list of the things you must try before leaving the island:

  • Tsikoudia
  • “Skioufichta” pasta
  • Snails
  • “Dakos” salad
  • Sfakia pies
  • Meat “cake”
  • “Gamopilafo”
  • Chania “boureki”

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Useful Telephone Numbers for Chania:

Chania General Hospital: +30 28210 22000
Chania (Souda) Port Authorities: +30 28210 89240
Chania Bus Services: +30 28210 93306, +30 28210 93052
Chania Tourist Information Office: +30 28213 41665-6
Chania Police Department: +30 28210 25856
Chania Citizens’ Service Center (CSC): +30 28213 45900-5