An island that is different, unique, that tastes like mastic and smells like tangerines.
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What should I do at Chios?

  • Visit its Castle at the port with its three entrances. The neighborhood around it seems forgotten by Time. So picturesque and pretty that you will certainly enjoy walking in it.
  • Pay a visit to Nea Moni Monastery.
  • Visit the Korais Library and the Maritime Museum.
  • Explore the Olimpi Cave.
  • One of your main stops on the island is Pyrgi. One of its biggest villages with painted and engraved black and white patterns on the walls. A painted village where you will enjoy walking and tasting the appetizing local cuisine.
  • Next stop is Kampos with its beautiful manor houses and a magical natural landscape.
  • Go to Mesta! The most beautiful Medieval village of the island and visit the Holy Church of the Old Taxiarch.

Where can you go swimming?

  • Mavra Volia: A beach with black pebbles and deep, chilly, clear waters.
  • Apothika: A beautiful beach with pristine waters and several water sports facilities near Mesta.
  • Agiasmata: A pebbled beach with thermal waters.
  • Trachili: For those who love isolation.
  • Karfas: One of the most popular beaches near the town.
  • Agia Fotia: Organized beach with white pebbles.
  • Komi: With the most amazing sandhills and pristine waters.
  • Lithi: With an immense seashore and shallow waters.

Extra tip:

*You must not leave the island without tasting some Chios mastic and mastelo.

*If you go to Chios in the Easter, enjoy the Rocket Wars at Vrontado.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Chios Island:

Chios Port Authority: +30 2271044433
Chios Bus: +30 2271022079
General Hospital of Chios “Skylitsio”: +30 2271044302
Police: +30 2271081537
Municipality of Chios: +30 2271350860
Tourist Office: +30 2271044344