Two islets, Ano and Kato Koufonisi, dropped in the middle of the Cyclades divided by a 200-meter strait. 

The only settlement of the island, the Chora at the Ano Koufonisi, is where you will find everything you need!

Cycladic alleys, white and blue houses, the small tavernas with their traditional dishes to enjoy your food at and the bars for your drinks! The atmosphere is unique. Your mind will travel away from the very first moment the island!

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Where can you go swimming at Ano Koufonisi?

  • Pori: The largest beach on the island with endless shores and crystal-clear waters. 
  • Italida: Just as lovely as Pori, but smaller. 
  • Gala: You dive into a cave, swim on a narrow strip of sea and you suddenly find yourself in open sea. Need we say anything more?
  • Pisina (Pool): Ideal for a dive in pool-like waters, as its name suggests. 
  • Fanos: Organized beach with beautiful waters. 
  • The beaches on the northern side of the island, as well as the Ksilobatis caverns can only be explored by boat. It is definitely worth it though, since you will encounter magical waters and landscapes. 

Where can you go swimming at Kato Koufonisi?

The most enchanting beaches to swim at are Nero, Panagia, Detis and Pezoulia!

On this island there is only one taverna where you simply must go and try their lamb dish!

Extra tip:

*If you like exploring, visit Keros by boat. A small island that also is a protected archeological site and has amazing beaches!

*If you are at the island on the 15th August, don’t miss the fair.

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Useful Telephone Numbers for Koufonisia:

Koufonisia Regional Medical Center: +30 2285071370
Naxos Port Authorities: +30 2285022300
Amorgos Port Authorities: +30 2285071259
Koufonisia Community: +30 2285071379
Koufonisia Citizens’ Service Center (CSC): +30 2285029243
Police Department: +30 2285071375
Gas Station at Koufonisi: +30 2285071457
Pharmacy at Koufonisi: +30 2285074454, +30 6947929292