If you choose Hephaestus’ Island for this year’s vacation, be sure you will not be disappointed! The friendly atmosphere of the island, the wonderful beaches and landscapes, the delicious local cuisine and the countless choices on the island will make you wonder: “Why haven’t you visited it all these years?”.

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Your daily walks on the island to enjoy your food and drinks are sure to lead you to Myrina, the capital of the island. Make sure you walk every inch of it to see the beauty and the history it holds. Of course, you should not miss going up to the Castle to enjoy the view. 

The sight of the island that you must have heard of is Ammothines. It seems like a small version of the Sahara Desert in Greece and the landscape is impressive. If you have a snowboard, load it on the car and do your tricks on the sand!

Lemnos is definitely the island of contradictions since, right after the “desert” comes Alyki lagoon. In the winter it is full of salt water which evaporates in the summer months and creates a unique landscape. Next, off to the Volcanic Rock Formations at Falakro.

Don’t forget to stop at Philoctetes’ cave and be prepared to feel like a “Survivor” contestant at the entrance.

If you love historic monuments, add Ancient Hephaestia, Artemis’ Temple and the Archeological Museum to your plan!

If you are looking for the loveliest of chapels, go to Panagia Kakaviotissa. 

If you want to do something different, visit one of the local wineries and have a wine tasting experience. 

Where should you go swimming?

Keros (An amazing, easily accessible coast, ideal for the wind surfing enthusiasts), Agios Ioannis, Neftina Zematas, Gomati, Myrina and Platy, and if you are looking for organized ones, Pigadeli tis Panagias, Pounta and the list goes on.

Extra tip:

*Try flomaria with farm-raised chicken (local pasta), samsades and katimeria

Useful Telephone Numbers for Lemnos Island:

Myrina, Lemnos Port Authorities: +30 225400 22225
Lemnos General Hospital: +30 22543 50400
Myrina, Lemnos Police Department: +30 22540 22200
Lemnos Bus Services Information: +30 22540 22464