Sappho’s island, the “homeland” of ouzo is an ideal destination for anyone, whether you are travelling with friends, family, your partner or solo!
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What should you do on the island?

  • Let’s begin with the town on Mytilene. It is so beautiful and imposing that many call the entire island Mytilene instead of Lesvos.
  • Stop at Scala Skamnias to see the picturesque Panagia Gorgona chapel and gaze at the sunset.
  • Here’s the list of quaint little villages you must visit: Plomari (the capital of ouzo! Visit the local Museum of Varvagiannis Ouzo, too), the picturesque Molyvos (go up to the Castle!), Petra, Mantamados, Agia Paraskevi and the list goes on!
  • You cannot miss the opportunity to visit on of the two fossilized forests of the world on the island. The sight is unique.
  • If you are a nature lover there are 14 waterfalls here (Man’ Katsa waterfalls).
  • Pay a visit to the Teriade Museum of Modern Art to see Picasso’s works.

Where should you go swimming?

  • Scala: The most popular and pretty beach on the island.
  • Vatera: If you are looking for huge coasts and pristine waters.
  • Eresos: Large shores, ideal for those who love water sports.
  • Tarti: To dive off a rock.
  • Tsonia: With its characteristic red sand.
  • Mystegna: Quiet and picturesque beach with crystal-clear waters.
  • Eftalou: For its thermal springs.
  • Sigri: To swim under the Castle.
  • Chrouso and Chrysi Akti: For those who love peace and quiet!

Extra tip:

If you are on the island on the 15th August do not miss the opportunity to go to the fair!

Drinking ouzo along with delicious local meze goes without saying!

Useful Telephone Numbers for Lesvos Island:

Mytilene Port Authorities: +30 22510 24115
Mytilene General Hospital: +30 22510 57700
Tourist Police: +30 22510 22776
Intercity Bus Terminal: +30 22510 28873
Lesvos Taxi Services: +30 22510 25900
“Odysseas Elytis” National Mytilene Airport: +30 22510 38700 / 61590