Is the largest island in the Cyclades the ideal destination for this year’s vacation?
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It is certain that it takes more than once for you to discover all its hidden gems. Beaches big and small, countless picturesque mountain villages, archeological sites and so many lovely places to taste the local dishes in and enjoy your drink in its settlements.
Ideal for holidays with your friends, family or partner and even solo excursions.

Many of its beaches are more well-known than others, but what is certain is that there is one for every taste:

  • Agia Anna each is one of the largest in Naxos, with clear waters and several beach bars.
  • Mikri Vigla and its unique beauty with its turquoise waters is cut in half by a sandhill.
  • The organized Plaka beach with its light white sand is also home to the island’s campsite.
  • It is imperative that you visit Hawaii beach. You can more or less guess by the name alone what you are in for.
  • No matter how many beaches you come across on your way you should make a quick stop and you are not going to regret it! Kastraki, Panormos, Aliko, Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios all hide a unique kind of beauty.

When you arrive at this simultaneously Cycladic and Venetian Island you should plan a trip to the castle.

However, the island’s greatest landmark is Portara, the marble gate that welcomes you the minute you reach the coast. No one leaves without their photo taken there.

You will have a hard time believing that the little picturesque villages you are going to find at Naxos all fit on one island alone. First and foremost, Apiranthos is sure to impress you and fill your stomach with fine authentic tastes! Filoti, Sagri, Chalki follow suit and the list is endless.

Nightlife on the island, which is found primarily at the Chora, will leave no one asking for more, regardless of their taste.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to enjoy the local cheese and Naxos citrus, the island’s signature fruit.

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Useful Phone Numbers for Naxos Island:

Naxos Municipality: +30 22853 60100
Chora, Naxos CSC: +30 22850 24303, +30 22853 60401
General Hospital – Naxos Health Center: +30 22853 60500
Naxos Port Authorities: +30 22850 22300
Naxos Police Department: +30 22850 22100
Naxos “Appolon” Airport: +30 22850 23969
Naxos Bus Services: +30 22850 22291
Taxi Services: +30 22850 24331, +30 22850 22444