Poros is an Argosaronic diamond.
So close to Athens and so far away from duties and noise. The royal beauty of the island coupled with the endless blue of the sea win you over from the very first minute on the port.
The island is essentially two smaller islands put together, Sfera and Kalavria.
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What will you do on this small yet “rich” island?

  • Begin by taking a walk to the majestic beach from Stavros to the new port and then in the picturesque alleys of the town built in a semi-circle, have some meze, look at the view and relax!
  • Visit the Exhibition Center and the Archeological Museum of the island!
  • Watch a movie at the open-air theatre “Diana”.
  • Stop at the landmark of the island, the old Clock Tower.
  • If you are a nature lover explore the forest of Kalavria at Askeli, and visit the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, and Lemonodasos at Galatas.
  • Next stop, the ruins of the 6thcentury BC Ancient Temple of Poseidon and the deserted Russian Naval Base, where you simply must take a swim!
  • Go to Diavologefyro! An impressive ravine with dense and rich greenery, a little river in the back running down from the mountain and creating little blue pools on the way! A canyon full of green that is certainly worth walking in!

Where else can you go swimming?
The island might be small, but there are options there for every taste.
Kanali, Askeli are at the cosmopolitan, beach-bar side of the island, Monastiri and Vagionia for those looking to be alone, Neorio, Perlia, Plaka, Alykes and the Love Cove, the most famous beach with emerald waters.
Extra tip: Right opposite the cove you can see a small island with a castle, the Bourtzi, which you can swim to.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Poros Island:

Poros Port Authority: +30 2298022274
Emergency Number: 15303
Poros Regional Clinic: +30 2298022600
Galata Health Center: +30 2298320300
KEP Poros: +30 2298029102
Poros Police: +30 2298022256