A mixture of class, tradition and natural beauty are waiting for you to explore.

Rethymno is one small venetian maze with the scent of Crete that is sure to enchant you. 

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What else goes on the list for Rethymno?

  • The Forteza venetian castle.
  • Neratzes Muslim Mosque
  • Guora Gate
  • The Temple of Our Lady of Angels
  • Arkadios Monastery
  • Rethymno Archeological Museum
  • The Rimondi fountain
  • The Rethymno caves

Afterwards, it is time for a walk around the venetian port and the Old Town! A journey back in time starting from the port and ending at the Old Town in its picturesque alleys and markets. A different town with eastern and venetian elements and the sound of the Cretan lyre. 

If you want to see how a true Cretan lives, visit the traditional mountain village Anogia. Nikos Ksylouris’ homeland is still loyal to its morals and customs, tradition and cultural heritage.

Where can you go swimming?

  • Preveli Palm Tree Forest: A tropical landscape with a sandy beach and innumerable palm trees. 
  • Panormos: Organized beach with crystal-clear waters. 
  • Bali: As you can probably imagine the landscape at this beach is exotic!
  • Agios Pavlos: A bay protected from the wind with blue-green waters, ideal for swimming with the family. 
  • Spilies: A pebbled bay with high rocks surrounding it. 
  • Ligres: A sandy beach with clear waters. Very calm with a lovely view. 
  • Souda: There are sapphire-blue waters and several palm trees to be found here, making the landscape quite unique. 

If you are a nature lover, Patsos canyon is there for you to explore!

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Useful Telephone Numbers for Rethymno:

Rethymno Hospital: +30 2831087100
Rethymno Police Department: +30 2831088155
Rethymno Citizens Service Center (CSC): +30 2831340101
Rethymno Bus Services: +30 283122212
Rethymno Port Authorities: +30 2831022276