There is only one capital to the Cyclades and it has its own unique way to enchant you!
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The two elements that make it stand out are its medieval majesty coupled with its Cycladic authenticity. In Ermoupoli you will encounter colorful manors and a historic, aristocratic ambiance. It used to be an important commercial and cultural center for the Aegean and these are elements that have not left it yet.

While wandering in it you will come across Miaoulis Square, home to the City Hall and the Public Library, the Apollo Theatre, Agios Nikolaos church and the Vaporia neighborhood that still clings to its aristocratic glory. In this neighborhood you can see manors right on the wave. This image is sure to impress you and you will have the chance to dive in to the water there and enjoy your food and drink.
Going up, you will find yourself in Ano Syros, where you will see the dominant Cycladic element with the strikingly white houses and the picturesque alleys. This is the place where you can enjoy the exceptional Aegean view, visit the Markos Vamvakaris Museum and Agios Georgios’ church.
You will not be disappointed by the cuisine of the island! You simply have to try the local sausages and cheese, the pork delicacy called “louza” and Syros’s chalvadopita.

Its magical beaches follow suit, which are mostly shallow-watered bays protected by the wind.

  • Galisas: If you are looking for an organized, cosmopolitan beach with shallow waters and sand, this is for you.
  • Megas Gialos: Organized beach with clear waters and tamarisks.
  • Agathopes: For those seeking the crystal-clear water of a pool.
  • Galisas: A large beach that hosts the most beautiful sunset of the island.
  • Vari: A sandy bay protected by the wind, ideal for family dives.
  • Delfini: Blue waters and maybe the most beautiful beach on the island.

Syros is an island full of contradictions! For those who love the Cyclades, but are still on the lookout for a historic destination. For those looking for calm vacation, but who also want to have some choices on their nightlife fun.

A destination close enough to Athens to be chosen by many as a destination throughout the year. Largely popular during the Easter holidays, as well.

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Useful Telephone Numbers for Syros Island.

Syros Port Authority: +30 22810 88888
Syros General Hospital: +30 22813 60500
Syros Bus: +30 22810 82575
Syros Police: +30 22810 96100