The second largest island of the Cyclades is also the one closest to Athens.

There are many different places to visit and it will take you several days to go all around the island, though many people pick this island as a long weekend destination because of its proximity to the mainland, since it is only two hours away from the port of Rafina.

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This is where you will meet the green side of the Cyclades.

It is one of the few islands on which the Chora is in the center and it does not overlook the sea. Picturesque and pretty, it is there waiting for you to taste the local froutalia (traditional omelette with fries and sausages), marmalades and amigdalota (macaroon pastry) and wander around in the beautiful alleys.

The cosmopolitan spot of the island is found in Batsi where most prefer to seek accommodation. Located near the port, it is the heart of the nightlife and tourist activity, it is home to one of the most well-known sandy beaches of the island that has been honored by a blue flag, and cobbled streets, with houses and their traditional gardens. Make some time to enjoy the sunset at the marina.

The distances between locations are relatively long, but the landscapes and the beaches will be worth it. Zorkos for its exotic beauty, Milos for windsurfing, Achla and Vitali for their perfect serenity and crystal-clear waters, the cosmopolitan Chrisi Ammos beach for day-long dives and Grias To Pidima to see the island’s landmark.

Andros has a number of tourist attractions all around the island that are worth a visit. The “Goulandris” Archeological Museum and the Maritime Museum at the Chora of the island, the Pithara Waterfalls and the Andros Castle.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Andros Island:

Port Authority of Gavrio: +30 2282071561
Andros Health Center: +30 2282360001
Gavrio Police Department: +30 2282071120
Citizen Service Center of Andros: +30 2282360220
Andros bus: +30 2282022316