South of Crete in the Libyan Sea you will find a small, dreamlike, exotic island where everyone and everything is Zen!

If all you are looking for this year is tranquility, minimalism and closeness to the magic of nature then start searching for ferry routes from Athens to Chania, then go to the Center of Sfakia and get on the boat to Gavdos. Book cheap ferry tickets to Gavdos online with Just Ferry. 

Where should you go swimming?

  • Trypiti: The number one beach of the island with its beautiful blue-green waters and an enormous chair that you must have seen in photos before. There are formed three natural arches called “Kamarelles”. It is the southernmost point of Greece and Europe in general.
  • Sarakiniko: One of the few beaches on the island where you can find “supplies.” Small tavernas where you can eat right where the waves crash.
  • Ai Giannis: One of the busiest beaches of the island with cedar and pine trees running down the beach.
  • Potamos: Access might not be that easy, but on this beach you can have a spa treatment with the clay you will see springing out of the earth.
  • Korfos: One of the most well-organized beaches of the island with pebbles and crystal-clear waters.

You will be impressed by the constantly crystal-clear, calm waters of the sea on every beach, that seem like no human has tread though them!

What to do on the island:

  • First…relax! The place has such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that will empty your mind.
  • See the idyllic sunset from the lighthouse.
  • Visit Europe’s southernmost village, Vatsiana, and see how its few residents live.
  • Visit the Folk Art Museum of Gavdos.
  • Take a walk around the most austere Chora, called Kastri. A small port, Karave, a few houses and a café. What more do you need to live simply?
  • Visit the Venetian Castle at Kefali.

If you choose to experience the summer laziness away from everyone and everything, then Gavdos is the ideal destination! Compare cheap ferry tickets to Gavdos online with Just Ferry.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Gavdos Island:

Sfakion Port Authority: +30 28250 91292
Gavdos Port Authority: +30 28230 41214
Paleochora Port Authority: +30 28230 41214
Gavdos Police: +30 28230 41019
Gavdos Regional Clinic: +30 28230 42195
KTEL Chania: +30 28210 93306, +30 28210 93052