Milos is one of the most romantic destinations of the Cyclades.
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We will start by talking about the Sarakiniko beach. You too should start there if you want to get a taste of how the rest of your trip will pan out. A beach full of huge, white volcanic rocks. A landscape that will remind you of the moon and is sure to impress you.

Make sure you stop at Klima, Mandrakia and Firopotamos to admire the renowned Sirmata and dive into the water. We are referring to the small white houses with their colorful doors that you probably have seen in various photos.
Some beaches are accessible only by boat and it is certainly worth the trouble! Kleftiko is one of them. A natural paradise with immaculate waters and a beautiful cave system.
In the southern part of the island, you can wander around Tsigrado and Firiplaka.
Tsigrado poses a dilemma. Will you adventurously climb down the rope to the beach or will you kayak there from the beach right next to it? The emerald green waters and the strikingly white sand you will find there will be worth it, though.


In Firiplaka you will encounter a shallow and sandy beach with pristine waters and colorful rocks which you will enjoy diving from.
Don’t forget the beaches at Agia Kiriaki and Paliochori that are not as well-known, but they are just as wonderful.
Next stop is Plaka, the capital of Milos with its picturesque alleys and magical sunset.
After coming back from the beach, the food at the small restaurants of Milos will be a great way to end your day!
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Extra tip: If you find a festival on the island, don’t miss it!


Useful Telephone Numbers for Milos Island:

Milos Health Center: +30 2287360000
Milos Port Authority: +30 2287023360
Milos Police: +30 2287021204
Milos Information Office: +30 2287022445
Municipality of Milos: +30 2287360100